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Comala Document Management Cloud features roadmap

Comala Document Management Server's wealth of features and functionality has been built over the years on the Atlassian Server platform.

For a comparison of the current features in Cloud, please see the Product Comparison between Comala Document Management for Server and Cloud apps

Due to differences between the Atlassian Cloud and Server platforms, we are not able to deliver 1:1 feature parity between the environments.

But we are committed to a cloud experience that offers the same end result as that found in server - effective control and management of documentation.

However, our goal is to develop the features available in Cloud (depending on Atlassian's own progress with their cloud platform).

FeatureDescriptionSupported in Cloud
Space Workflows - Content FilterAbility to enable workflows on a subset of pages/blog-posts in a given space based on page labels


Global Workflow Configuration Ability to assign workflows to spaces from global administration level


Custom TriggersAbility to invoke specific actions when specific events or conditions take place

  JSON triggers supported but with different range and functionality.

(info) There are a different range of trigger events are supported in the cloud app

Additional trigger events on the roadmap to be added from and through 2023.

(info) There are a different number of trigger actions available in the cloud app 

Custom Workflows - Value ReferencesAbility to refer to page properties such as author, modifier or updated dates


Space Workflows parameters

Ability to define value parameters to a workflow on the space level

Workflow parameters supported for only certain types of data.

(info) Only support for reviewers and due date parameter types

Integration with other AppsCommunardo Metadata, K15t Scroll PDF Exporter

 Roadmap milestones

  • K15t Scroll PDF Exporter
  • Communardo Metadata
Public Comala Document Management for Cloud APICloud API for Comala Document Management


Publishing: In Page Draft / Approved viewAbility to view the Draft or Approved version of a page

Supported with alternative publishing through draft/public space via Comala Publishing Cloud.

Publishing: Draft / Public SpaceAbility to publish approved pages to a public space
Reporting: Page Activity, Space & User ReportsAbility to check the status of the different documents within a space that have a workflow applied

Some basic Reporting supported

  • addition of more reporting/filtering capabilities  
Reporting: Document Info macros

Ability to add macros with Comala Document Management content to your page 

 Roadmap milestones

  • Document state and approval information page macros - Q4 2022/Q1 2023/
  • other reporting macros -
Read ConfirmationsAbility to request confirmation that users have read a document

Use Comala Read Confirmations for Cloud app to create request confirmations

Confluence Audit LoggingLeverage the Confluence Audit Log to track important workflows activity


States: Add Due DatesEnable user changes to state due date


Workflow tasksAbility to assign workflow tasks (tasks assigned at a given state)


Page LayoutChanges to page header and page footer content via workflow state transition

(and not in roadmap)

Multi-language SupportSupport for other languages besides English


If the features of Comala Document Management Cloud meet your needs, you must decide if you need to retain your team's workflow history as we do not support migration of workflow history (also known as Page Activity).

If workflow history is required for audit you may need to consider options of either

  • exporting this as CSV for each page
  • or running your server instance as 'read only'

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