Comala Share It 3.4.6


Comala Share It 3.4.6 is a minor update and bug fix release.

It is also a Confluence minimum compatibility release.


Install through the app manager or download from the Atlassian Marketplace.



  • updates to libraries and dependencies

Data Center Compatibility Announcement

  • We plan to introduce a Data Center approved version of Comala Share It in the second quarter of 2022. If you have a Confluence Data Center license, you will be required to purchase the corresponding Data Center license for Comala Share it. 


  • the Links Overview screen now sorts and displays date columns (created, last access) correctly on the YYYY-MM-DD format
  • fixed a problem displaying the correct link count in Links Overview
  • in global configuration Share It app settings when email is disabled (Enabled checkbox is unchecked) , the option to send an email to share the link is now removed on both an attachment and on a page.