Content created with a blueprint with an attached workflow template in a space will automatically have the attached workflow added

The workflow attached to the Blueprint is added to both

Detaching the workflow from the Blueprint disables the space workflow and removes the workflow from the existing content.

A space administrator can also customize the attached workflow for the space using the Edit workflow option in the Document Management dashboard

Attaching a workflow to a Blueprint

A space administrator can attach a Comalatech workflow to an individual Blueprint in the space tools Templates dashboard. 

For an individual Blueprint

For a workflow to be available, it must be added to the global workflows templates dashboard and active.

The workflow is added to the space tools Document Management dashboard as an active space workflow.

(info) The method of applying the attached workflow is actually by using a space workflow with a content label filter. The blueprints all have a label and the attached workflow is applied to content with this label.

Detaching a workflow from a Blueprint

If you want to remove a workflow attached to the Blueprint in a space.

In the space tools Templates dashboard, for the individual Blueprint

Space Category workflows

Detaching the workflow from the blueprint does not remove the workflow from the space tools Document Management dashboard.

The space workflow is simply disabled.

Any existing content created with the Blueprint will no longer have this workflow applied.

Page Template variables

Page template variables cannot be updated by Comala Document Management.

However, template (Blueprint) variables can be referenced in a Comalatech workflow, if the variable is placed in the Page Properties macro.

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The Product Requirements Blueprint is limited to the attachment of a single Comalatech workflow, the Requirements Blueprint workflow, that references the Blueprint variables in the workflow.