Use this feature to save your workflow as a template, so it can be more easily copied to other pages.

This feature is only available in Page Mode and also requires you to have Space Admin permission.

Open the Workflow Inspector

Choose Page Tools → Edit Workflow... to display the Workflow Inspector:


Choose Save as template and you'll be asked to confirm the name and description for your workflow:

The values from your workflow markup will be shown by default, they are defined as follows:

You should always fill in both fields if possible, it's a good habit to get in to and makes life easier later on if you end up with lots of workflows. Any changes made to these properties here will be saved to the template. They will not appear in the workflow markup on the page.

Where does the template get saved to?

The template is saved to Page Workflows in Space Tools.

Using the template

The template will be available from Page Tools → Add Workflow.

Remember, however, that each time you add a workflow in Page Mode a new copy of the workflow is made rather than linking to the original:

If you're planning to use the workflow on lots of pages, it might be worth switching to Space Mode which allows centralised management of the template and automatic application to content in your space.

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