When an administrator enables Read Only Mode on Confluence Data Center, Comala Workflows is also affected and some of its features, actions or endpoints are not allowed.

This policy follows Atlassian guidelines for Read Only Mode to provide consistency to this administrative mode.

Whenever Confluence is on read only mode, a message bar similar to the following will be shown on the top of the window:

Fig 1. Warning bar shown by Confluence on Read Only Mode.

As a general rule:


Some of the Comala Workflows options will still be visible and clickable, but they will pop an error like in the following example:

Fig 2. User clicks on the workflow status "In Progress" and the workflow toolbox is shown normally.

Fig 3. If the user tries to submit an approval or rejection, an error message is shown.

When an action is not allowed during Read Only Mode - for example: changing the configuration on "Space Tools" → "Comala Workflows" →  "Configuration" or adding or editing a page workflow - confluence redirects to a page similar to:

Fig 4. Screen shown when a restricted action is attempted on read only mode.