Workflow parameters, defined by the {workflowparameter} macro, can be referenced by their name wrapped in @ (at) symbols.

Where can they be used?

You can use parameter references in the following situations:

Types of workflow parameter

Workflow parameters can be created to use different types of data for the content value.

Workflow parameters can be created and edited using workflow builder.

Workflow parameter value

A workflow parameter reference

(info) If a default value for the workflow parameter is included in the workflow

Workflow parameter references can be added to a workflow using workflow builder.


In the example below, a parameter called "The Message" is referenced as "@The Message@" in the body of the {set-message} macro which is triggered by transitioning to the Stop state.

{workflow:Parameter references}
   {workflowparameter:The Message}
      Default value for "The Message"
      {set-message}@The Message@{set-message}

If the workflow parameter is added as editable=true 

{workflowparameter:The Message:editable=true}
      Default value for "The Message"

On the first application of the workflow to content, a user is asked to undertake some minor setup by editing the workflow parameter value.

Changes in the workflow parameter value

(warning) If the value for an editable workflow parameter is changed by a user

(warning) If the value for an editable workflow parameter is changed by the space administrator in the Parameters dashboard

The workflow parameter value may only be available for use by the workflow after a workflow process has occurred, for example, after a transition occurs from the initial workflow state.

In an approval

{approval:Check Review|selectedapprover=@Editor@,admin}

{approval:Check Review|user=&@Editor@,admin}

This occurs because when a workflow is first applied to a page in space mode

If you look at the Activity Report - Content for the content, you'll see that there are no workflow-specific entries listed. These pages are referred to as "unprocessed".

Example - using an initial state to add workflow parameter values for an approval pre-assigned reviewers

In the example below, we are using a workflow parameter reference, Editor, to set the pre-assigned reviewer for an approval. The workflow is applied as a space workflow.

The Initial state is added to ensure that the content is processed by the workflow and the value for the workflow parameter Editor is available for use by the Check Review approval.

{workflow:name=Parameter Reference to pre-assign a reviewer|label=wfspaceapprovalinitialassignee}
        {approval:Check Review|user=&@Editor@}

Any changes to the workflow parameter Editor value can be made in the Initial state by a user

A space admin can also change the parameter value using the space tools Parameters dashboard before any workflow activity has taken place or a user has set up the parameter value.

Choosing Initialize states in space tools Document Management dashboard can also be used to process the content and allow the workflow access to a workflow parameter value.

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