Filter page property reports based on Workflow search filters

The Page Properties Report macro, bundled with Confluence, allows you to compile reports of metadata stored by the Page Properties macro on pages and blog posts which have workflows applied.

Note: This feature requires Confluence 5.8 or above.

Setting up the report

Add the Page Properties Report macro to a wiki page in the usual way and configure it to your requirements.

In the sidebar you'll see an option to specify a label, and, under it, an option to Add a filter:

Search the Add filter drop-down for filters containing the word Workflow – these are the filters added by the Comala Document Mangement app.

In the example above, we've selected the Workflow State filter. That filter automatically provides a list of all states available on your wiki, so all you need to do is choose one.

Available filters

An example of some of the filters in action:

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