Confluence comes with a number of templates or Blueprints to help you create content.

You can use Confluence Blueprint templates and define the Comalatech workflow that will be applied to all pages and blog posts in the space created with the blueprint.

Comala Document Management can be used to

Once attached to a Blueprint or linked to a space category using these templates will automatically add and apply a Comalatech workflow to the content.

Spaces created with Junovi's Blueprint Creator v3.4.0+ will now automatically link global workflows with space categories.

Confluence Blueprint for individual pages and blog posts

Content created with a blueprint with an attached workflow template in a space will automatically have the attached workflow added

The workflow attached to the Blueprint is added to both

Detaching the workflow from the Blueprint disables the space workflow and removes the workflow from the existing content.

Confluence template for space categories and space blueprints

A global administrator can link a global workflow template to one or more space categories.

These include the Confluence space template Blueprints

When the workflow is linked to the space category or space blueprint

A space administrator can remove the global scope workflow from a space even if the workflow was linked by the global administrator.

(warning) The linked global workflow may not be applied to all content in the space if the linked workflow has a content label filter

Changing the category in an already created space, will not add the workflow

  • the space needs to be created with the category already added to the global workflow template.

Similarly adding a category to a global workflow template will not add the workflow to existing spaces with that space category

You can create your own space blueprints for your instance. But to allow a Comalatech workflow to be added to your space blueprint you must include for your blueprint the optional category attribute and its value.

For more details, please see https://developer.atlassian.com/server/confluence/write-a-simple-confluence-space-blueprint/

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