The {metadata-values} macro that lists all of the metadata attached to a specified page.

The macro will only display the metadata defined on the page, not any metadata values retrieved from other pages.







page (or unnamed first parameter)


The individual content page to retrieve any added metadata and values.

Default is to the current page.


The tabular report is displayed either

  • orientation=vertical
  • orientation=horizontal


To list all the single metadata and metadata values on a page, choose the Metadata values macro from the Confluence macro browser:

The macro editor allows you to configure the macro.

The macro displays any metadata and their values on the specified page in a tabular format. The default page, if no page is specified, is the current page, @self.

Any metadata on the page will be displayed in the macro editor Preview, with the option to display the metadata in a vertical or horizontal table.

If there is no metadata added on the specified page, the Preview will display the following:

This message is also displayed on the page.

Note that the macro does not list any space metadata added to the page - only metadata added using the {metadata} macro and the {metadata-list} macro.

Markup Reference


This would display any metadata names and the values on the current page:

Usage with the Comala Document Management app

The {metadata-values} macro is partially supported by the Comala Document Management app at workflow level.


Do not use the macro with the orientation parameter at workflow level in the Comala Document Management app, for example {metadata-values|orientation=horizontal}. This is unsupported and will simply display an error.

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