Space Blueprints let you create common types of new spaces, such as a team, documentation, or knowledge base spaces.

Each Space Blueprint is assigned a unique category. You can attach a workflow to a Space Blueprint by using this category. The workflow is then applied to all new spaces with that category.

To view or change a Space's category, go to Space Details in the Overview section of Space Tools.

Add a workflow to a Space Blueprint

To add a workflow to a Space Blueprint:

‡ If you change the category once the space is created, the workflow will not apply. The category needs to be added in the blueprint definition.

For more details, please see

Add the space blueprint definition and a wizard with one page. Note that the category is an optional attribute, which essentially adds a label to all spaces created via this blueprint.

The following will show an "Examples" category listed in the space directory with all the spaces created with our example space blueprint.

<space-blueprint key="example-space-blueprint" i18n-name-key="" category="examples">
    <dialog-wizard key="example-space-blueprint-wizard">
        <dialog-page id="exampleSpaceId"