You can define the workflows that are applied to all pages and blog posts in the space, or create workflow templates (templates for sequences of states, approvals, tasks and custom triggers) that you want to be available for use on single pages.

Who can manage workflows?

Only Space and Confluence Administrators can manage workflows.

Global Workflow Templates

  1. Go to the Confluence administration console
  2. Click the Workflows menu item.

Space Workflows

  1. Click Space Tools.
  2. Select Workflows in the Space Tools navigation bar.

The Workflows defined here will apply to all pages in the space unless they have a label or page type restriction.

Space workflows can have two different scopes:

Page Workflows

The workflows defined here are the templates that can be selected to be added to individual pages.  Once a template is applied to a page updates can be made locally at the page level, but changes in the workflow template do not apply to pages that previously had that template applied.

Page workflows are a great way to test out new workflows but we recommend using space wide workflows in most cases.


Clearing Workflows and History

You can edit existing space workflows without affecting the current state of pages in the space. For example, if you add a new state, or tweak the default assignees of an approval.

Removing a workflow does not clear the state information from each page.  If you add a new workflow some pages may have existing states, use the Initialize Space or Clear History options to reset the space.

 If you are experimenting with a workflow or want to reset everything in a space you can use the clear history option to clear the workflow history from every page. (This option also clears any ad hoc page workflows.)  If you want to reset the sate of every page but keep the previous history use the Initialize Space option.