Currently, Comala Document Management for Cloud app has a limited number of Comala page macros in cloud. The development of page macros in cloud is in our roadmap.

(info)  You can check for current use of page macros in the Macro Usage tool in the Global Admin https://<your confluence>/admin/pluginusage.action. This tool will identify the page macros currently used in your server instance and the pages these are used on.

Further Information

The following page macros are on our Road Map for development.

page macro

page status macro

Released cloud equivalent document state macro Q4 2022.

(info) Our integration with the Atlassian Migration Assistant migrates the current page state. If the source content included a page status macro, this is displayed in a page status legacy macro in cloud.

(green star) We recommend replacing this page status legacy macro with the document state macro.

document states report macro

Not currently available.  The equivalent of the workflow report macro (including approvals reporting) is on our Road Map for 2023.
stats report macroNot currently available. It is on our Road Map for 2023.
page activity macroNot currently available. It is on our Road Map for 2023/2024.


document state macro

Released cloud only document state macro Q4 2022.

New cloud page macro to display workflow state information.


document approvals macro

Released cloud-only document approvals macro Q4 2022.

Page macro to display workflow approval information for a state. Including options to display

  • approval status

  • reviewer name and/or reviewer avatar

  • date of change

  • reviewer comments