What are my options if I want to customize one of the default workflows or want a completely new custom workflow for my space?

You can't customize a default workflow in Comala Document Management but the app will allow you to edit the default workflow using workflow builder or the JSON editor and save this as a new custom workflow. You will simply be required you to save this custom workflow with a new workflow name before you can save the changes.


In Comala Document Management for Cloud, you can create a new workflow for a space by

  • editing one of the default workflows using workflow builder (or the JSON editor) in the space settings Document Management dashboard

After any changes, you will need to

  • change the workflow name
  • save the new workflow

It will now be available as a custom workflow in the current space.

The new workflow can be applied across the space content or added to individual pages as a page-level workflow if no space workflow is enabled.

(warning) When editing one of the default workflows, the original workflow will not be overwritten.

(info) Editing a custom workflow will not create a duplicate and ask you to add a new name. If you edit an existing custom workflow, it will update the custom workflow. If you edit the custom workflow name, it will simply rename it. 

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