Example on-unassign event

	{"event": "on-unassign",
	[       {"action": "set-message",
            "type": "warning",
            "title": "Reviewer has been unassigned",
            "body": "A new reviewer may need to be assigned",
            "tags": "state",
            "mode": "autoClose"}

(info) if adding the JSON trigger using workflow builder there is no need to include the opening "triggers": JSON markup notation, since It will be added by workflow builder.

The trigger action will cause a message notification to be set on the content

  • "actions":[{ "action":"set-message"}],

The trigger action will occur on the on-unassign event but ONLY if the current state is the Review state

  • "conditions":[{"state":"Review"}],

If a JSON condition is present this can include one or more conditions. The trigger will only allow the event to be valid if these conditions are valid.