Example on-assign event

	{"event": "on-assign",
			{"action": "send-email",
            "notification": {"subject": "${content.title} has been assigned in the Review state",
                "title": "${content.title} is assigned",
                "body": "Hello, ${content.link} in the ${content.space} space is in approval state Review and has been assigned"}}

(info) if adding the JSON trigger using workflow builder there is no need to include the opening "triggers": JSON markup notation, since It will be added by workflow builder.

The trigger action will cause an email to be sent to the page author, watchers of the page and the user who last updated the page.

  • "actions":[{ "action":"send-email"}],

The trigger action will occur on the assign event but ONLY if the current state is the Review state

  • "conditions":[{"state":"Review"}],

If a JSON condition is present this can include one or more conditions. The trigger will only allow the event to be valid if these conditions are valid.