Confluence sometimes raises an error message for particular words used as a metadata key. In a number of cases, this may be due to the use (or near use) of Confluence reserved characters or reserved words.

In some cases, this may also be due to a combination of metadata key and a metadata value used in the content.

For example the following message in the logs

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "<date>


The Confluence search appears to be confused by the use of a named metadata key (for example if key is named Modified) when it is paired with the metadata value <date> that has been added to content.


If you use this key metadata key in a custom template it is acceptable to rename the key and update your template

  • renaming the key does not immediately fix the Confluence search error but reindexing Confluence in most cases will fix the issue
  • Ii reindexing does not work then deleting the original page and creating a new page will be required