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Setting up the user with an authentication app for first time requires a few special steps.

  • adding an authentication app to your smart device.
  • initializing the signing token for the user by adding a new authentication account to the 2 Factor Authentication app for Comala Document Management approvals.
  • generating a token from the linked authenticator app to confirm the use of the app by the user in the instance

A user can set up a signing token for user authentication but this will not be required unless: 

  • global administrators configure e-signatures is to require a signing token
  • an approval is edited to require user authentication

Set up an approval signing token

If reviewer authentication is required by an approval and e-signatures are globally configured to require a signing token then a first-time user will be asked to set up an identity authentication app when they first open a workflow popup for an approval.

Choose setup a personal code prompt in the workflow popup to open the Signing Token screen for the user.

The initial Signing Token screen will display instructions to add a user account to an authentication app.

Users can also access the Signing Token screen through their user profile or the Signing Token option in the page tools menu.

Add the authentication app to your smart device

Download and install a 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) app through your device app store. Here are some possible examples:

A number of authenticator apps are also available for desktop (such as Authy).

You may already have an app installed if you have identity authentication for other applications or internet sites.

If you are already using an authentication app for Confluence login, this will not be the same account.

A new authentication account will need to be added to the app that is just used for Comala Document Management approvals.

The app will simply set up a user account that is specific to the current Confluence instance. 

  • this is a one time set up for each user.
  • once set up the app can be used repeatedly to generate time-based tokens for reviewer authentication.
  • users accessing multiple instances will be required to set up an account for each instance.

An administrator can reset the signing token for each user and can change the expiry date for the user signing token.

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