What is a board page-card?

A page card is a placeholder, like a sticky note. 

A page-card is similar to a card but when a page-card is created in a board container, a linked Confluence page is created.

Board properties can be set to allow the creation of:

  • only cards.
  • only page-cards.
  • page-cards and cards.

One or more pages and cards can be added to a board container.

Board pages are great for brainstorming ideas because you can create, delete, and move a page between board containers and maintain the link to the child page.

Adding a page-card

To add a page-card to a container

  • move mouse over a container.
  • choose the displayed + Add page.

  • a page-card is added to the container.
  • the page title is the first line of text entered when adding the page-card.
  • a linked Confluence page is also created.

If the board properties setting allows, there is an option to toggle between creating a page-card or a card.

Selecting the page-card in the container will display any further page-card content. 

Linked Confluence pages

The linked page is created as a child of the page with the added board.

The linked child page is created with:

  • a page title that is the name of the page-card in the board container.
  • page labels from the board container.
  • content from the page in the board container.

The content of the child page can be edited. Any edits will be viewable on the board container page.

  • Moving the page between board containers will update the linked page with the destination container label and remove the previous container label.

Removing a page-card

A page-card in a container can be permanently deleted by choosing Remove the card:

  • deleting a page-card from the board container removes it permanently from the board.
  • the previously linked page is NOT deleted. 

Deleting a linked Confluence page in the space will remove the board container page.

Clear all board cards

If enabled for the board a user can clear all cards on the board. Using this option will also clear all the associated labels from all the linked pages.

Choose the Clear board option from the board name dropdown menu

You will need to confirm clearing the board.

You can hide the Clear board option for users. Simply edit the Board Properties and toggle the hide/display clear board option button .

You cannot change a page-card to a card. You can ONLY convert a card to a page-card.

(info) Removing a page-card will NOT remove the linked Confluence page. But deleting a linked Confluence page will remove the page-card on the board.