The read confirmation feature allows workflow authors to request that users confirm they have read certain content. It can be used with or without an approval workflow. 

  • read confirmation must be enabled for a workflow.
  • read confirmation can be added to content without a workflow as a standalone read confirmation.

Read confirmation in an approval workflow is added to the workflow final state.

  • read confirmation is only added on a reviewer Approve decision to transition to the final state.

Enabling workflow read confirmation

In the Workflow Builder

Select the toggle on the side menu. You have the option to specify the users and/or groups that should be assigned to the read confirmation, and specify a due date.


In workflow markup

See {read-ack} macro

Ways to use read confirmation

With a final state 

If your workflow has a number of states, one state must be set as the final state. Read confirmation will be active in the final state (see Workflow Read Confirmation).

With no states

If you do not need an approval workflow, read confirmation can also be used to request your users to confirm that they have read your content. A {read-ack} macro can be added to a workflow using the markup editor (see example markup).

Standalone option

If no workflow has been added to the content, read confirmation can be added to content as a standalone read confirmation using the page action menu.

What the user sees

Selected users will receive an email notification. On viewing the page, the user will see a message asking for them to confirm the reading of the content.

The invited user can confirm the reading of the content by selecting the Confirm link at the bottom of the page.

Read confirmations are added as a 'double tick' breadcrumb to the page content header. 

You can click the 'double tick' icon to view the status of the read confirmation in the read confirmation popup.

Working with read confirmations

See the following to learn more