How to share a page

Share It adds a Share this page... option to the page tools menu on each page.

Select the page tools Share this Page ... option to open the Share this page dialog box.

(blue star) The Send email option will only be displayed if Email checkbox is enabled in Comala Share It global configuration.

In the Share this page dialog box, the link expiration is displayed. The default value is a 2 week period from the link creation date.

If required, choose the expiration period to customize the expiration date for the link before creating the public link.

Then, you have two options either

  • generate the public link Get Link (clip icon button)
  • directly open your email client to send the public link using the Send email button (if enabled)

A banner indicates that the page is "Shared", and the shared dialog also shows when the link expires.

Now, you can share it with non-Confluence users.

Refer to Share It Confluence macro support for macros that are not supported in the shared view (and alternatives where available).

How to share an attachment

Share It adds a new "Share" column when you visualize your attachments. You find it either using an "Attachments" macro within a page or in the Attachments page.

This figure shows an attachments macro within the "Design Mockups and Images" page

This figure shows the Attachments page with all the attachments that belong to the that page

How to share all attachments on a page

You can share all attachments in a page without having to individually activate the sharing function in each one of them.

You just need to insert the Confluence "Attachments" macro within a page.

Then, generate a public link to share that page. Users accessing that page with the shared link will be able to access all the attachments listed in the page.