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(info) The only workflow CQL searchable fields are those listed in Comala Document Management CQL Rest API page together with the Atlassian Confluence CQL fields. In addition, if the K15t Scroll Versions app is installed and the Scroll Search option is enabled for a space, Scroll Page content can be selected in Confluence Search and CQL can be added to the document states report macro to search for Scroll Page content such as the Scroll page version.

Using CQL filters in the document-states-report macro



Beware that errors may occur when the specified CQL filter and the macro filter options overlap. Also note that CQL itself

Atlassian CQL also has limitations that mean that certain field types only support certain operators

For example, Atlassian CQL filter ORDER BYdoes not support ordering for all fields. Generally, ordering is not supported where a piece of content can have multiple values for a field, for instance ordering is not supported on labels (see: CQL function reference).

CQL filter examples

Content by Label
cqllabel = "cql_example"