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We know that Atlassian’s commitment to a cloud future has raised many questions for our server customers. We’ve put this document together to address some of those concerns, specifically for our Comala Document Management Server customers. More information regarding our other apps will be made available soon.

The Comalatech team is hard at work ensuring that our Comala Document Management Server users find similar functionality in Cloud.


Due to functional differences between the Cloud and Server platforms, we are not able to deliver 1:1 feature parity between the environments. But we are committed to a cloud experience that offers the same end result as that found in server - effective control and management of documentation. 

Please visit the Atlassian Migration Program for Atlassian's step-by-step migration resources, free tools, and dedicated support to guide you every step of the way.

Have questions? Please reach out if we can help.  

The Confluence Server Timeline

February 2021February 2022February 2023February 2024
Atlassian Confluence ServerNew Confluence Server Licenses will no longer be soldNo more upgrades and downgrades for ConfluenceNo more Confluence license salesEnd of support for Confluence server

Comala Document Management and any Comalatech apps

Comala Document Management licenses will continue to be available for saleNo more upgrades or downgrades for Comala Document ManagementNo More Comala Document Management license salesEnd of support for Comala Document Management server

Comala Document Management Server Migration Options

There are different outcomes for your Comalatech apps depending on how you want to proceed with your Atlassian software. 

If you are:

Continuing In ServerMoving To CloudMoving To Data Center
Existing Server Licensee (below 500 users)End of support on February 2024

We continue to explore implementing Comala Document Management Server features into Cloud, and are aiming for feature parity by 2023 (depending on Atlassian improvements to the platform).

See our roadmap and migration plan below.

Comala Document Management is a Data Center approved app, but it is only available for 500+ users licenses. Check the pricing (Confluence, Comala Document Management) to determine if it is an option for you.

We advise upgrading before February 2021 to avoid the price increase announced by Atlassian.

Existing Server Licensee (500+ users)End of support on February 2024

We continue to explore implementing Comala Document Management Server features into Cloud, and are aiming for feature parity by 2023 (depending on Atlassian improvements to the platform).

See our roadmap and migration plan below.

Comala Document Management is a Data Center approved app, and is already used by hundreds of customers.

We advise upgrading before February 2021 to avoid the price increase announced by Atlassian.

Regarding Atlassian's migration early access program: at this time, we are awaiting progress from Atlassian stabilizing their migration platform, and to address issues with it that we have raised. Until updates are made, we will not be able to make any further progress in the early access program. We will continue investing in migration projects once the platform is finalized for app migration, and we are hopeful that our customers will have smooth migrations then. 

CDM Cloud Feature Parity
CDM Cloud Feature Parity

Comala Document Management Cloud Feature Parity

Comala Document Management Server's wealth of features and functionality has been built over the years on the Atlassian Server platform. Cloud is a much different environment than server, and it is much more difficult to deliver all of Comala Document Management Server features in the cloud. However, our goal is to make most of the features available in server by the second half of 2023 (depending on Atlassian's own progress with their Cloud platform).

FeatureDescriptionSupported in CloudNotes
Page WorkflowsAbility to enable a workflows on a specific page/blog-postSupported
Space Workflows - All PagesAbility to enable workflows in all pages/blog-posts in a given spaceSupported
Space Workflows - SubsetsAbility to enable workflows on a subset of pages/blog-posts in a given spaceQ2 2022Not all the filters may be supported; please contact us if you have specific concerns
Global Workflow Configuration Ability to assign workflows to spaces from global administration level2023
Custom WorkflowsAbility to customize workflows to cover a variety of needs
Custom TriggersAbility to invoke specific actions when specific events or conditions take placeOnly a few trigger events are supported. Will be adding more events throughout 2022
Custom Workflow parameters

User, string, user group, duration and options parameters can be defined in workflows

Supported parameters
Custom Workflows - Value ReferencesAbility to refer to page properties such as author, modifier or updated datesQ3 2022
Space Workflows parameters

Ability to define user and due date value parameters to a workflow on the space level

Only Supported to reviewers and due date
States: Customize Names & ColorsAbility to add and change a state in a workflow, also supports color and name changes.Supported
States: Modify Due DatesAbility to change a due date in a stateSupported
States: Initialize Workflows to a Specific StateAbility to set a specific state on all the pages in a given space.Supported
Integration with other AppsMetadata, ScrollStarting Q2 2022
Publishing: In Page Draft / Approved viewAbility to view the Draft or Approved version of a pageNot Supported. Alternative publishing through draft/public space to be supported on Q1 2022 via Comala Publishing Cloud.Due to Atlassian's API limitations, it is very unlikely this would ever be implemented, however we will provide alternative behaviour.
Publishing: Draft / Public SpaceAbility to publish approved pages to a public spaceSupported via Comala Publishing Cloud
Publishing: Removing Page RestrictionsAbility to remove all view and edit restrictions when pages are approved
Reporting: Page Activity, Space & User ReportsAbility to check the status of the different documents within a space that have a workflow appliedBasic Reporting SupportedAdding more reporting/filtering capabilities  Q2 2022
Custom Email NotificationsAbility to send email notifications throughout the life cycle of pageSupported
Approval E-signatures

Require electronic signature when approving/rejecting pages

Supported through Timed-based One-type Passwords (using 2FA app)
Read ConfirmationAbility to request confirmation that users have read a documentCurrently supported through Comala Read Confirmations for Cloud, workflow integration will be available in Q1 2021
Confluence Audit LoggingLeverage the Confluence Audit Log to track important workflows activity2023
States: Add Due DatesEnable user changes to state due dateQ2 2022
Workflow tasksAbility to assign workflow tasks (tasks assigned at a given state)2023
Page LayoutChanges to page header and page footer content via workflow state transitionNot SupportedDue to Atlassian's integration limitations, it is very unlikely this would ever be implemented.
Multi-language SupportSupport for other languages besides English2023

Migrating to Comala Document Management Cloud

If you are considering migrating to Comala Document Management Cloud from our Server app this section outlines the process you will follow. 

  • Before committing to a migration, you need to determine if the features currently supported in Comala Document Management for Cloud meet your requirements.
    • try Comala Document Management for Cloud now with a free evaluation; please follow this link to install it via the Atlassian Marketplace
    • reproduce your server approval workflows inside CDM inside Comala Document Management for Cloud. If your team has any questions do not hesitate to contact our support team

Any questions? Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

If the features of Comala Document Management Cloud seem to meet your needs, you must decide if you need to migrate your team's workflow history. We do not currently support migration of all workflow historical data, but some information can be moved to the cloud.

You can find the status of this migration in the table below.

Comala Document Management Data Migration timeline

Q4 2021

Migrating will be through a manual process and will be accompanied by Atlassian and Comalatech migration teams

Q1 2022

Potential Beta support for migration, which includes the following workflow history:

  • Page State Transitions
  • Approvals and Rejections
  • Due Dates
Q2 2022We expect to provide full data migration support for all workflow history and app data through the release of the Migration Tool provided by Atlassian; we expect to have an automated process and your organization will have full support from the Comalatech migration team.

Comala Document Management Workflow Migration Process

Currently, the process for transitioning each workflow is a manual one, provided by our Migration Engineering team. Once complete, our team will share a JSON file that will allow the implementation of the workflow in your organization's Confluence Cloud instance.

We will support transitioning customer Confluence Server approval workflows into the Confluence Cloud platform, including the following information:

  • Active page workflow states
  • due dates

This process requires time from our team to prepare each workflow and should be taken into account when planning for the migration from Server to Cloud.

We advise our customers to reach out to our support team in advance, so we can plan accordingly and do our best to adjust to your organization's timeline.