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Edit the workflow using workflow builder

You can use workflow builder to:

  • edit the workflow name and description.
  • disable/enable
  • read confirmation for the final state.
  • add parameters and their values.
  • add workflow triggers using markup. (These are logged as Rules in workflow builder).
  • configure the display of the progress tracker bar in the workflow popup.
  • add a content label filter to control the application of a space workflow to specific content.
  • set the type of content to add and apply the workflow (
page or
  • pages, blog posts or both).

Using Workflow Builder

Children Display
pageUsing Workflow Builder

Workflow editor

Choose the workflow name in the Workflow workflow panel to edit the workflow (or select the Workflow lozenge in the Navigator panel).

Use the workflow editor to amend/add the

  • workflow name
, description and filter
  • (required)
  • workflow description (optional)
  • the label filter for the application of the workflow based on the content labels
  • (optional)

The Advanced menu allows you to further configure the workflow including setting .

  • use Sticky labels to set one or more labels that only admin users can remove from the page
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  • set the type of content the workflow will be applied to (pages
  • , blog posts or both)
and configuring

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    A workflow is added and applied by default to both pages and blog posts.

    Note that workflow builder will not allow both these checkboxes to be unchecked at the same time. If only one content type option is checked and you wish to change the content type the workflow is applied to, simply check the desired content type before unchecking the one that is not required.

  • enabling/disabling the display of the progress tracker in the workflow popup

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Add triggers
  • on the content

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You can also check Update {status} macro to allow the workflow to update the Comala Page Status macro (if added to the page).

Add a trigger to a workflow using workflow editor

The Advanced menu also allows you to add the markup for triggers.

Any triggers added to a workflow are displayed as Rules for the workflow.

Workflow builder will display the context of each Rule added.

Rules can only be amended by editing the trigger markup.

Workflow The workflow states can be edited by choosing the an individual state in the Workflow workflow panel in workflow builder.

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