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You will need Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence version 6.5.3 or above.

Gliffy Diagrams is compatible with Comala Document Management same-space publishing.

Step 1: Use Comala Document Management (formerly Comala Workflows) 4.5 or above

In Comala Document Management v4.5 we added the following compatibility with Gliffy Diagrams:

  • The correct version of the Gliffy Diagram will be shown when viewing the Published (final) version of a page
  • Editing the Gliffy Diagram from the Published view will edit the latest version of the Gliffy Diagram

In Comala Document Management v4.6.1 we added further compatibility with Gliffy Diagrams:

  • Resolved issues encountered if draft and published Gliffy Diagrams were different sizes