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As a Confluence Admin in Confluence global administration choose Workflows Lite in the left hand side-bar:

These two screens allow you to manage the general configuration of the Comala Workflows Lite App. You can control in which spaces workflows can be defined, the workflow activity and page visibility as well as email notifications for workflow events.

Table of Contents

Workflows Lite Global Configuration

This screen allows you to manage the general configuration of the Comala Workflows Lite App:

To change these global configurations for Workflows Lite choose the Edit button for each setting.

Workflow Activity and Visibility

By default only Space and Administrators and Page Editors will be able to see draft content and the workflow activity in reports.

This visibility can set so any user can view the drafts and the workflow activity:

Page Update Reset

The default, Reset requires content reviews to be undertaken every time you transition to a state containing the content review:

If this set to Ignore then there will be no requirement for a content review to be undertaken when the workflow returns to a previously visited state with a content review.

Published View Macro Transform

If enabled, then any content displayed using the include and excerpt-include macro will only show approved version of the referenced page. If the page is only in draft then no content will be rendered.

Usage Statistics

When enabled, anonymous usage statistics will be sent to Comalatech to help improve the product.

Enabling workflows in spaces
Enabling workflows in spaces
Global Security - Specifying spaces that can you add and apply Workflows Lite

Global Administrators can configure in which spaces workflows can be defined:

You restrict the use of Workflows Lite to specific spaces, listing allowable spaces using their space keys in a comma separated list.

The addition and application can be limited to space mode workflows - managed solely by space admins. You can also choose to enable whether users can add and apply workflows to individual pages or blog posts - page workflows. Both space mode and page workflows can be enabled in the same space.

Note: If the space admin enables the space mode workflow in a space then page workflow will be disabled - with any existing page workflows being overridden by the space workflow.

Global Configuration of Workflow Lite Notifications

This screen allows you to control the default email notifications for various workflow events:

You may wish to disable some of these notifications to reduce traffic for users.

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