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Detaching the workflow from the Blueprint disables the space workflow and removes the workflow from the existing content.

Confluence template for space categories and space blueprints

A global administrator can link a global workflow template to one or more space categories.

These include the Confluence space template Blueprints

  • Knowledge base space (knowledge-bases)
  • Team space (teams)
  • Documentation space (documentation)

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When the workflow is linked to the space category or space blueprint

  • the workflow is added to a new space created with the category or space blueprint category as a global scope workflow
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  • the workflow will be automatically added and applied to content in the space if it is enabled in the global workflows dashboard

  • the Global Workflows Templates dashboard lists all the spaces the global workflow is linked using the space category
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A space administrator can remove the global scope workflow from a space even if the workflow was linked by the global administrator.