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Report ColumnDescription
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StateWorkflow state page is currently in

Displays one or more approval status icon(s) for approvals in the current state for each page and a hyperlink to the content version at the time when the approval became active.

This is only shown when a named approval is selected in the filter options above the report header. Details for the status will also be displayed in the last (No name) column of the report.

Status icon

Choose the Pending filter along with the named Approvals filter

  • active pending approval are displayed with a  (tick) (tick in circle)

The active pending status icon will also include

  • last approval decision (star) (star) is displayed. This indicates awaiting approval or the last approval decision for this approval was approved
  • last approval decision  (cross) is displayed. This indicates the last approval decision for this approval was rejected

If the approval is not active but pending (for example the approval limits reviewers to assignees and none have been assigned) the last approval decision will be displayed without the green tick.

Choose the Approved or Rejected filter is along with the named Approvals filter

  • completed Rejected approvals are displayed with a rejected decision icon (large red cross)
  • completed Approved approvals are displayed with an approved decision icon icon(large green tick in check box)

A link to the page version that existed when the approval became active. If no further edits have yet been made then the link will be to the (Current) version.

If further edits have been made choosing the link displays a message warning the user that a more current version exists.

(No name)

Details of the Approval status showing any action required and recent activity related to the approval.

Only shown when an approval is selected in options above header.