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Scroll Versions documentation workflow
v.49 requires 4.1.490 or newer
com.comalatech.workflow.repository.categories.label: General | Document Management

This three state workflow can be used together with the Scroll Versions add-on.

  • It contains a Draft, In Review and Completed state.
  • The Completed state will match up with the Scroll Versions completed documentation state when integration with that add-on is enabled.

(blue star) The Scroll Versions integration will only work when the workflow is applied in space mode. This integration will not work if the workflow is applied in page mode (workflow added and applied to an individual page).

(green star)  The integration also requires that the workflow used in your space is a space scope workflow (a workflow editable in the space document management dashboard). K15T Scroll versions will not work if you use a global scope workflow (a workflow only editable in the global workflows dashboard) applied in your space. For K15T Scroll Versions compatibility with the Comala Document Management app please see their documentation.

This workflow will work on its own but for the Scroll Versions app integration the [Comala Workflows for Scroll Versions |] add-on also needs to be installed.