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Remote Publishing Workflow
v.99 requires 3.0.2 or newer
com.comalatech.workflow.repository.categories.label: Sample | Document Management

Remote publishing requires the Remote Publishing Plugin.

This workflow allows one-way synchronization of a remote confluence instance.
Please visit the workflow's page for instructions on how to set up the private and remote instances.

  • Content that is Published can be removed using the Remote Publishing app.
  • When content is removed from the remote published instance, the Remote Publishing app transitions this content to the Removed state in the workflow.

Workflow and remote space

You must have set up

  • a remote public Confluence instance for publishing the approved content.
  • a private Confluence instance for the content that will be published.

Comala Document Management and Comala Remote Publishing must be installed in the private instance.

Content removed in the published instance will transition to the Remove state in the private instance. 

Setting up the remote instance

To setup the remote instance you are publishing to, you need to enable "Remote API" setting in Administration > General Configuration > Feature Settings.

You also need to have a user that has access to the general space.

We recommend you set up a user on the remote instance that only has access to the spaces you are publishing to for security purposes. This will also help to prevent accidental overwrites of other spaces.

Setting up the source instance

To set up the remote instance credentials, you have to set the parameters in the source instance:

The name of the Remote Configuration must match that of the workflow. In this case make sure you name it remote as this is the name used in the workflow. You can always change it and even have different configurations

Test the settings to make sure that the source instance can connect properly to the remote/public instance:

Publishing content

Content will now be published to the public instance when the page's reaches the Published state.

Publishing requires connection and transmitting data to the other instance, and this could take some time. Because we want to minimize any chance of error or session expiration we queue the request. A pending message is shown when the page is submitted for publishing:

If a published page is update, the state is changed to for renew and would have to be re-approved to get it republished.

Publishing all pages in the Space

If you want all the existing pages in the space to be published remotely, then you need to set the state of all pages to the Published state. you can do this through State initialization feature of ad hoc workflows:

Depending on the size of the space, publishing the entire space will take a few minutes.

Removing Content

To remove published content remotely, all you have to do is to change the state to Remove and the page will be removed in the remote instance.