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Quality Management System workflow
v.37 requires 5.2.0 or newer
com.comalatech.workflow.repository.categories.label: Sample | Document Management

This workflow performs publishing to a different space, which requires our Comala Publishing App.

  • This workflow implements a QMS workflow for document management.
  • The workflow works in pages with the "qms_approval" label. The label cannot be removed (stickylabel).
  • Remember to create a Confluence group for the approvers of the controlled document and ensure that the the source space is linked to a publishing space
  • Workflow can be amended to use workflow parameter for the approval group rather than creating a specfic Confluence group.

In the updated QMS workflow, e-signature process (if enabled) has been amended to require a user email and a one-time password token generated using a third party 2-Factor Authorization app.

QMS Workflow StateOutline Description


  • only members of the group controlled_documents_approvers can approve, using user email and a one-time password token (if enabled).
  • if more than one member assigned to the group, all they all must approve.
  • if approved, transitions to In Approval.
  • if rejected, transitions to Obsolete.
  • page can be edited.

In Approval

  • same approval, only members of the group can approve, using user email and a one-time password token (if enabled for the workflow).
  • if more than one user is assigned as members of that group, they all have to approve.
  • page cannot be edited.
  • if approved, transitions to Published.
  • if rejected, transitions to Draft.
  • editions transition to Draft.
  • tasks can be added.
  • the page is published to the target space using Comala Publishing.
  • restrictions still apply.
  • editions transition to Draft.
  • it could transition to In Approval or to Obsolete.
  • qms_obsolete label is added.
  • page cannot be edited.
  • page is published to the target space using Comala Publishing to transfer the new Obsolete state to the published space.
  • restrictions and labels are copied to the page in the target space. 
  • tasks can be added.
  • on-screen message is displayed "This page is obsolete". 

An alternative to including an on-screen message also in the published page in the target space, is to use the macro include-segment.