Importing workflows

Find out how to Import Workflows

FAQ Creation Workflow
v.83 requires 3.0.2 or newer
com.comalatech.workflow.repository.categories.label: Knowledge Base | Sample
  • Allows any user to submit topics, which are approved by a Subject Matter Experts and FAQ administrations.
  • Only the Author and FAQ Administrators can see the submitted FAQ until it is published.


After importing the workflow to your instance in global administration, you can add and apply the workflow to a space.

In each space, you need to add the workflow parameters values that will be used in the workflow:

  • FAQ-Administrators.
  • Component Leads.

The values of the workflow parameters are used by the workflow to assign reviewers to content reviews in the workflow. They are also used as recipients for email notifications for workflow events.

These values can be any existing Confluence user group. The default group for each of the workflow parameter values is the confluence-users group.

A space administrator can add these values in the space tools Document Management tab for parameters.

The workflow parameter values can also be edited using workflow builder.

Workflow rules:

  • Any user can submit an FAQ
  • Only the Author and FAQ Administrators can see the submitted approval
  • FAQ Administrator determines if the FAQ is appropriate and assigns the appropriate Component lead
  • If the FAQ is approved, then the FAQ become visible to the Component lead and he/she is notified
  • If the FAQ is rejected, then the Author is notified
  • If the FAQ is approved by the Component lead then it is re-assigned to the FAQ Administration for publishing
  • If the FAQ is published then it becomes visible to everybody
  • If the FAQ is rejected in this state, then the Author and Component lead are notified
  • If the FAQ is updated after it has been published, then it has to be approved by the Component lead and FAQ administrator again