Comala Workflows Lite is now Comala Document Control. Click here for the latest documentation.

An workflow helps you manage the review and approvals process for content on a page or blog post. 

This workflow consists of two states: Review and Approved.

The Workflow Lite approval workflows allow you to:

  • ensure that content is reviewed and signed-off
  • assign specific users as reviewers

Once a workflow is added and applied:

  • automatically defines content as approved or draft depending on the state
  • users with View-only permissions will be directed to view the latest approved version of the content 

The movement between these states are called transitions - these transitions occur based on events in the workflow such as approving content, rejecting content or updating content.

Workflows in the Workflows Lite App

Workflows Lite has the choice of three installed workflows, each with different states and transitions:

Each of these installed workflows build on the basic workflow above - adding more states and transitions, setting an expiry period for approved content and automatically assigning content reviewers to provide greater control of your document development and management.

Note: If you require fully secure publishing of content, you need to use Comala Workflows and space publishing to get the full Confluence permissions involved. In Workflows Lite, View-only users will be directed to the latest approved version of the content, but due to Confluence restrictions and permissions, this does not guarantee the security of content.