To get the most out of Comala Share It and allow your users to share pages and attachments with people inside or outside your company, here are some options.

1. Internal Confluence instance

This assumes your Confluence server exists within your company intranet, and external users cannot access it (so public links will not be available).

In this scenario, you can install Comala Document Management and Comala Remote Publishing. The Remote Publishing app requires the installation of  Comala Document Management).

With these apps you can publish pages (or spaces) to an external Confluence instance, and keep them synchronized.

2. External Confluence instance

If your Confluence server is accessible from outside your network, you can easily share pages and attachments with Comala Share It. Simply create public links with Comala Share to the content you want to share, no need to create extra users or provide anonymous access.


  • more control of the information sharing workflow - with Comala Document Management you can create specific and detailed workflows for your content
  • no loose ends, anonymous access to Confluence or temporary users. Also, with Comala Share It, you can always set expiration dates to your shared resources
  • no need to use email to share pages or attachments

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