Why use Share It?

We love Atlassian Confluence, we use it every day within Comalatech as the collaboration tool (product and project documentation, daily tasks, new ideas, internal blog, etc.) and we recommend it to all our colleagues.

However, when it comes to externally share that content, Confluence falls short.

Without Share It

Whether you need to send a page to your lawyer, or an attached file to a customer, there are currently two options.

1) Create a New User

Atlassian software is licensed based on the number of users e.g., a company that buys Atlassian Confluence for 10 users pays $10 but another company that also buys Atlassian Confluence for 100 users pays $4000. We think this is a fair model because it makes Atlassian’s products available to any kind of organization.

Thus, you can create a new user for your lawyer/client who accesses only once, or dozens of users for your customers (without forgetting the permissions setting for this user). But, nobody wants to spend extra money for that and besides that, you are opening your company's most valuable assets to external users.

2) Send the page or attachment

However, even though the previous option is affordable, it is still a security risk. So, other companies opt to email the pages (of course, previously exported to pdf, word or html) or attached documents.

Here, the most painful part is that whenever there is an update on the page or a new version of the attached document, you have to send it again! Not to mention a return to email and versioning hell.

With Share It

We provide users with a third option to create a unique and public link for those pages and attachments.

  • the link can be sent to users
  • the link will always be to the current version of the content (pages or attachments) even if you update the content after you have shared the link
  • there is no need for the recipient of the link to login to Confluence
  • you can set a period of time for the link to be usable by adding an expiration date

Share Pages

Use Share It to link to an entire page, which will always show the same content and style as the original you are working on.

Whoever has the public link can see the same page as the original creator of the public link.

Share Files

Need to share a specific file (e.g., a contract, requirements document or an image) with someone, without having to give them access to your Confluence instance? No problem, with Share It you can create a link directly to the attachment that will always point to the latest version of your document, image, or any other attached file.

Your links can be added directly to JIRA issues as well, bringing your Confluence and JIRA teams closer together.

Users can set an expiration date on links.

Once a day, the expired links are deleted. Users do not need to worry about forgotten links anymore.

Share It Links Overview

Once you have started using Share It, you will want an easy way to manage and remove the links you've created.

The built in Links Overview page gives you visibility to all your active links in one easy-to-access screen. 

All your shared links are listed. The link list can be sorted to help check the number of clicks, when and who created the link or when it was last accessed.

Share It Configuration

Configure who (i.e., which group) can share resources, spaces where sharing is disabled, email template, who can share pages, etc.

If your instance is in read-only mode users will still be able to view the content shared using a Comala Share It link. Any link expiration due whilst in read-only mode will expire on the set date and time, but new Comala Share It links cannot be created. See our Administrator's Guide for details

Advanced Tables for Confluence

Finally, Share It functionality has been integrated to Bob Swift's Advanced Tables for Confluence app to allow you to keep on using your attachment table macros and share your attachments directly from it.