Comala Share It 3.0

April 30 2015

Comala Share It 3.0 is a major feature release including a new name and branding along with a redesigned share page user interface.


Install through the plugin manager or download from Atlassian Marketplace.

What's New?

New Add-on Name

We want to introduce you Comala Share It for Confluence Server. New name, new logo (and better user interface).

We are making the name and logo consistent with the rest of the Comalatech add-ons family. Share Attachments and Pages will now be known as Comala Share It for Confluence Server. All existing licenses are still valid, if you already have Share Attachments and Pages installed, the upgrade will be available through the Manage Add-ons page as normal.

User Interface Updates

We have improved the user interface to improve your experience. Since sharing a page is not a daily task, we did not want to clutter your pages.

To share a page, go to the page tools menu, and choose Share this Page...

However, a shared page is something to be noted. So, we indicate this new state with a visible Shared banner.

Shared Page Improvements

We've improved the way the shared pages are rendered in Confluence.  The public view of shared pages will now look much more like what you see when using Confluence normally.  Other updates to page sharing:

  • Blog posts can now be shared just like pages
  • Attachments used in a shared page are now automatically shared as well ensuring that images work as expected.


Other Updates and Bug fixes

  • Java Heap Memory bug. This memory issue prevented pages with large or numerous attachments from being shared.
  • Links Overview bug. Some shared links were not shown in the shared links overview screen.
  • RefinedWiki bug. There was a problem with the Share Attachments and Pages button when using our add-on together with RefinedWiki themes.
  • Cache Issue. Big shared pages and the flushing of caches caused problems on some instances.

Removed and Deprecated Functionality

We have removed some features that existed in the original Share Attachments plugin that were little used or were no longer appropriate following the user interface updates.

  • The attachment lists at the bottom of all shared pages is no longer added.  The confluence attachments macro is available if an attachment list is required.
  • Attachment links will now open in the browser by default, there is no longer a setting to control this.
  • Social sharing shortcuts Facebook and Twitter has been removed.
  • Ability to shorten links using Google URL shortener has been removed.
  • Page snapshots sharing has been removed.  If a page snapshot is required it is always possible to export a page via pdf and share as an attachment.