Comala Document Management Cloud features roadmap

Comala Document Management Server's wealth of features and functionality has been built over the years on the Atlassian Server platform.

For a comparison of the current features in Cloud, please see the Product Comparison between Comala Document Management for Server and Cloud apps

Due to differences between the Atlassian Cloud and Server platforms, we are not able to deliver 1:1 feature parity between the environments.

But we are committed to a cloud experience that offers the same end result as that found in server - effective control and management of documentation.

However, our goal is to develop the features available in Cloud (depending on Atlassian's own progress with their cloud platform).

Features Roadmap

If the features of Comala Document Management Cloud meet your needs, you must decide if you need to retain your team's workflow history as we do not support migration of workflow history (also known as Page Activity).

If workflow history is required for audit you may need to consider options of either

  • exporting this as CSV for each page
  • or running your server instance as 'read only'

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