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The {remoteremove-page} macro is used as an Action to remove previously published content from a space on a different Confluence Server, Data Center or Cloud instance.

  • Content is developed in a space on the source server
  • Published content is pushed to a space on a remote server
  • The {remoteremove-page} macro can remove the published content from the remote server

This is generally only required when content becomes obsolete and should be removed from the remote published content.

For more information, see: Remote-space publishing


Before using this macro, you must ensure both the source and target Confluence instances are properly configured. For more information, see Remote-space publishing.

Where to use it?


One or more {remoteremove-page} macros can be put in a {trigger} macro.








The name of the remote publishing configuration to use.

The configuration defines the remote server URL and destination space, as well as the username and password for an account on that server which has Edit Content permissions in the target space.

Basic example

This example will remote-publish to a remote Confluence instance defined by the "MyDestination" publishing configuration. Once published, the user will have an option to unpublish the page (submit=Unpublish) at which point the published page will be removed from the remote Confluence instance. From the Unpublished state, they can either republish it, or make it obsolete.

{workflow:Remote-space publishing}
      {approval:Page Unpublished|approvelabel=Republish|rejectlabel=Make Obsolete}

Note: The final=true parameter on the Published state is not required for remote-space publishing, however it helps to clarify which versions of content are published in the source space.

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