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The states report is used to display lists of content and associated workflow state information. It's great for keeping track of content workflow states across multiple spaces.

This is one of several reports available from the Workflow Report Macro.


Anyone can see this report.

View-only users will only see results for content that has reached a Published (final=true) state, even if there are subsequent draft-state edits to that content. Content that has not yet been published, or content under a workflow which does not define a published state, will not be shown.

Admins can make all results available to everyone by changing the Workflow Activity and Drafts Visibility setting.

Adding the report

To add the report to a page:

  1. In the editor, choose Insert → Other Macros → Reporting → Workflow Report
  2. Set the Type setting to states
  3. Choose Insert

Here's how the macro looks on your page:

Filtering the report

You can Filter the report to specific states by using the links at the top of the report.

Customising the report

You can customise the report with the following macro settings:

Space Key(s)Current space

Which space(s) should be included in the report?

  • Leave empty to report on the current space
  • Specify one space key to report on a specific space
  • List multiple space keys, separated by commas, to report on multiple spaces
  • Specify any to report on all spaces. If you do this, you must specify only one state in the State setting.

Should the report be filtered to specific state(s)?

  • Leave empty to report on all states
  • Specify one state name to report on that state
  • List multiple state names, separated by commas, to report on specific states
Max Entries20The number of results to show per page.

Should the report be filtered by content label(s)?

  • Leave empty to include all content
  • Specify one label name to filter to a specific label
  • List multiple label names, separated by commas, to filter to content with any of those labels

If using a list of labels, you can prefix the list with & (ampersand) to require that content has all the labels.

Parent Page Filter

Should the report be filtered to child pages of a specific page?

  • Leave empty to include all content
  • Specify a page title to only include children of that page

Should the report be filtered to content that the specified user can currently review?

  • Leave empty to include all content
  • Specify a username to filter to results which that user can review
  • Specify @self to filter to results that the current user can review

Which column of the report should results be sorted by?

Sort OrderdescendingShould the sort be in ascending or descending order?

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