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The Workflows Report lists all content/pages in the space that have a workflow applied.

By default, for each page and blog post listed the current workflow state is shown and if applicable, the expiry date of that state.


By default, this report is only available to users who can Add content (pages or blog posts) to the space.

Admins can make it available to everyone by changing the Workflow Activity and Drafts Visibility setting.

Viewing the report

Choose the Workflow option in the Space Sidebar:

Here is an example of what the report will look like:

Space, Confluence and System admins can click the ellipsis at the top right of the report to access the Workflows Dashboard screen.


You can filter the report content by workflow and state:

Columns Settings

You can also select which columns you want to display by clicking the Settings drop down menu:

You are also able to re-order the columns however you wish, by dragging them to the desired location in the drop down list:

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