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Some reviews will require approval from multiple groups, in which case the layout of the Workflow Popup will change slightly.

You will notice some circles at the bottom of the popup. Each circle represents a group. The first group will be selected by default, and it's circle will have an outline indicating it is selected.

Circle colours

The circle colours denote the status of the review:


A grey circle indicates an incomplete review

A light blue circle indicates that you are assigned to a review, but have not yet Approved or Rejected

A green circle indicates an Approved review

A red circle indicates a Rejected review

Selecting review group

There are two ways to select a review group – either choose the circles, or display the list of groups.

Group circles

You can choose the review group circles in the Workflow Popup to select the associated group.

Group list

To display the list of review groups, choose the pending approvals link next to the circles.

The list of groups will be displayed, and you can click a group to display it.

Completing the review

With a group selected, the normal features of Content reviews can be used, such as Assigning reviewers.

Each review group must agree to Approve or Reject the content before a state transition will occur.

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