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Comala Workflows - Remote Publishing 3.0.0


Remote Publishing 3.0.0 is feature update release.


Install through the Universal Plugin Manager or download from Atlassian Marketplace and install Remote Publishing by uploading the add-on jar in the Universal Plugin Manager.

Comala Workflows required to be installed

 Comala Workflows - Remote Publising requires the Comala Workflows plugin to be installed to trigger the publishing to remote sites.

Upgrading from prior to 2.6

The 2.6 release will run an upgrade task on existing configuration data to change the remote url location to the new format.  This means that downgrading to an earlier version after installing 2.6 will not be possible without manually adjusting the url configuration to the previous format.

What's New

Publishing API Update

This release of the remote publishing plugin implements a new publishing mechanism using the Confluence REST API.   Publishing was previously carried out using the deprecated xml-rpc API.  This brings remote publishing up to date with the latest supported updates from Atlassian.

There is no configuration changes required with this update.  However if you have specific firewall rules in place that only allow the source Confluence server to access the XML-RPC endpoints on the remote Confluence instance these will need to be updated to allow access to the complete Confluence REST API.