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Pages and blog posts can have a workflow assigned to them that includes the Read Confirmation function.  In this case, the Read Confirmation status icon will appear when the page has reached the final state of the workflow.

If a previously published page is updated at any point, any assigned Read Confirmations will reset set once the page re-enters the final/published state in the workflow.

1. User Read Confirmation

As a user, if you have been assigned to read a page, you will see the Confirm option at the bottom of the page.  Simply click this button to confirm you have read the page:

2. Read Confirmation Detailed View

Page editors and Admins will have access to the detailed Read Confirmation view by clicking the Read Confirmation icon at the top of the page:

This view will provide details on who has been assigned to review the page, when the review confirmation occurred, and will also include any confirmation due date that has been assigned.

3. Workflows Space Report

The built in Workflows Report can be configured to include the Read Confirmation status of all pages in the given space.  The status will be listed as "Pending" until all assigned users have confirmed they have read the page, at which point the status will change to "Acknowledged".   You can find more details on the Workflows Report and it's configuration options here.

4. Read Confirmation Assignments

Users can review the Read Confirmations assigned to them at any time by checking their "Read Assignments" in their user profile: