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The "Page Workflows" screen is accessed via a "Page Workflows" link near the bottom of the Workflows tab (the screen titled "Workflows Dashboard").

It lists all the Space and Global scoped workflows that are available for use in Page Mode.

The ← Return to Workflows Dashboard link will take you back to the Workflows Dashboard.

In Page Mode (ie. no templates listed on the main Workflows Dashboard):

  • Users can manually add any enabled workflow listed on the Page Workflows screen to individual pages and/or blog posts
    • Doing so creates a new copy of the workflow – unique to the individual page or blog post
  • Users can create new workflows – unique to the individual page or blog post
  • Users can edit workflows – unique to the individual page or blog post
  • Users can save workflows back to the Page Workflows screen

Add existing workflows

All the existing workflows (both Global and Space scoped) will already be listed. This includes any imported via the Import tab

Creating a new workflow

There are two ways to create a workflow on the "Page Workflows" screen:

  1. Click the "Add Workflow Template" button, or
  2. Users can save a content-level workflow to Page Workflows using the "Save as template" button in on the Workflow inspector via the Page Tools Menu.

Workflows list

The list of workflows operates in much the same way as its counterpart on the main Workflows tab. There are a couple of differences:

  • Labels won't appear – because these workflows aren't applied at the space level, the label parameter on the {workflow} macro has no effect
  • Some actions are unavailable – see below.

View button / Actions menu

Flowchart → Actions Menu ← Menu with more options


What it does

As seen on...

ViewDisplays a flowchart of the workflowAll workflows

Opens the workflow editor.

See: Workflow Authoring Guide

Space scoped workflows
ActivateEnables a previously disabled workflowAll deactivated workflows
DisableDisables a currently active workflowAll active workflows
Initialize States

See notes below

CopySee notes below(error)

Deletes the workflow

Space scoped workflows

How do I initialize states?

This isn't applicable in Page Mode because every page gets it's own unique workflow – you can't centrally manage the workflows.

If you get Confused State (Grey Circle), you can fix it directly on the affected page – just open the Workflow Popup and choose a state. Click one, problem solved!

How do I copy a Global scope template so I can edit it?

On this screen, you can't – but you can cheat:

  • On the main Workflows Dashboard add the global template
  • Copy it, then edit it, then copy the markup
  • Remove it from the Workflows dashboard
  • Come back to the Page Workflows screen and "Add Workflow Template" then paste the markup in.