Comala Workflows is now Comala Document Management. Click here for the latest documentation.


The Page Tools menu can be accessed from any page or blog post by clicking the ellipsis (...) button in the top-right corner of the screen.

There are four workflow-related links that appear on the menu: Page Activity, Add Task, Add Workflow, Edit Workflow.


Page Activity

Displays Activity Report - Content for the content you are looking at.

Appears for pages and blog posts:

  • Regardless of whether they have a workflow
  • Only shown, by default, to users who can edit or admin the content

Add Task...

Adds the "Tasks" link to the Workflow Status Bar, from which you can access the Tasks Popup.

Appears for pages and blog posts:

  • If they don't have a workflow, or
  • The workflow is in a "taskable" state

Add Workflow

Displays the Add Workflow dialog where you can copy an existing workflow to the page or blog post, or create a new Custom states workflow.

Appears for pages and blog posts:

Edit Workflow

Displays the Workflow inspector, which includes:

  • Interactive flowchart
  • Trigger summary
  • Workflow markup editor

Appears on pages and blog posts:

Export to PDF or Word

PDF and Word exports respect Published vs. Draft state restrictions for Same-space publishing.