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Workflows can utilise a wide array of notifications to keep content producers informed of progress.

Workbox notifications

Confluence workbox notifications will be sent when:

On-screen notifications

The Workflow Status Bar displays the current workflow state and the number of incomplete tasks below the page title.

1. States

If the Status Indicator Circles is filled,, it means the user is assigned to a Content review.

2. Tasks

A blue dot  indicates tasks which the user is assigned to.

Message banners

Message banners can be displayed during page creation (only in Space Mode) and when viewing a page.

For more information, see:

Headers and footers

Content, including Report Macros can be added to the page header and footer.

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Email notifications

By default, email notifications will be sent when:

In addition, custom email notifications can be sent in response to Events.

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Page and blog post comments can be added by the workflow.

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App configuration

Approval – AssigneeShould assigned reviewers receive notifications about review updates?
Email Any AddressShould the {send-email} macro be able to use email addresses that are not associated with registered users?
State Expired NotificationShould page watchers recieve notifications about state expiry?
Task – AssigneeShould task assignees receive notifications for taks they are assigned to?
Task – Page WatchersShould page watchers receive notifications about workflow tasks?
Workflow Activity and Drafts Visibility

Should View-only users be able to see workflow information?

Note: Does not affect message banners unless their parameters state otherwise.

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