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This page describes how to install Scroll Versions app with Comala Workflows.

You will need the following apps:

In particular, the Scroll Versions and Comala Workflows for Scroll Versions apps must be compatible versions. You can see by the release notes of the Comala Workflows for Scroll Versions which version of Scroll Versions it is compatible with.


Integrate Scroll Versions with Comala Workflows to let you create the workflows you need, even in spaces with multiple versions and variants.

Scroll Versions and Comala Workflows are both class-leading flagship products in their own right: now, you can combine them in your spaces for ultimate control over version and workflow management:

  • Comala Workflows allows you to define customized workflows to create, review, approve and publish your content.
  • Scroll Versions is the engine that powers great documentation. It takes management, authoring, and publishing in Confluence to new levels of ease and flexibility. Scroll Versions adds functionality for version management, variant management, permalinks (including duplicate page titles), enhanced content re-use, support for context-sensitive help, and much more.

Step 1: Activate Scroll Versions

Scroll Versions must be activated in your space.

Step 2: Ensure pages are versioned

Make sure all pages you want to be managed by Scroll Versions and Comala Workflows are set as versioned – this is necessary because unversioned pages don’t have a workflow state.

Convert pages to versioned by opening them and clicking Versions > Convert to versioned page:

(info)If you have just activated Scroll Versions, all pages in the space will be unversioned until you convert them yourself or edit them for the first time.

Step 3: Implement the Workflow

If you don't have a Comala Workflow, you need to create one or use one of the workflows bundled with the Comala Workflows app.

Alternatively, import the Scroll Versions documentation workflow at either Global or Space level:

Step 4: Update final workflow state

Create or customize your Comala Workflow – at either Global or Space level:

Update the {state} macro in your workflow which has the final=true parameter and rename that parameter to versioncompleted=true. This parameter is specific to the Scroll Versions integration.

An example is shown below:

It is crucial to remove the final=true parameter when using the versioncompleted=true parameter.

Step 5: Enable the workflow

Your workflow must be used in Space Mode and additionally must be the only workflow active in that space. If you have any other workflows listed on the Workflows Dashboard, remove them before activating the new workflow.

Step 6: Update Scroll Versions settings

Once the workflow is activated, you can complete the integration by going to Space tools → Scroll Add-ons → Additional Settings, and selecting Advanced Workflow.

The Comala Workflows and Scroll Versions add-ons are now integrated in your space.

What happens to my pages after the integration?

If you integrated Scroll Versions into an existing Comala Workflows space, all versioned pages in your space will be merged with their already existing Comala Workflows state. Depending on the size of your space this can take a while.

(info)Please note, that unversioned pages can not have a Comala Workflow in spaces managed with Scroll Versions.

If you integrated Comala Workflows into an existing Scroll Versions space, each versioned page in your space is assigned the Comala Workflow's initial state. Alternatively you can use Initialize States to force all content to a different state.

If you integrated Comala Workflows into an existing Scroll Versions space where the built-in workflow engine is activated, the pages' states are converted from the Simple Workflow state into the Comala Workflows state as follows:

Scroll Versions Simple WorkflowComala Workflow
Draft, ReviewInitial state
CompleteState marked as versioncompleted=true

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