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This tab allows a Space Admin to import workflows from the Workflows Exchange.

Note: Confluence Admins can restrict this feature to members of a specific user group – see: Configuration - Global.

Validate credentials

You may be required to validate your credentials depending on the configuration of the Confluence server.

Always ensure that you are using a secure connection to the server (padlock in the URL bar) before submitting your password.


You can optionally filter the workflows to a specific category – either via the drop-down list, or by clicking a category link shown at the bottom of each workflow.

Show / hide charts

This option allows you to toggle the workflow flowcharts on and off.


Clicking the "Import" link next to a workflow will import it as a Space scoped workflow:

  • Once imported, any global import restrictions will no longer apply. 
  • The workflow can be used in both Page Mode and Space Mode.
  • It can be edited and adapted to your needs, just like any other workflow.