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Content reviews, often called Approvals, focus on Approving or Rejecting the content of a page or blog post.

They are characterised by two buttons, usually captioned "Approve" and "Reject".

Adding reviewers

In many cases you will be able to assign one or more reviewers to take part in the review.

After doing so, you'll see them listed on the Workflow Popup, along with their reviews.

When you are assigned to a review, the Status Indicator Circles will become filled:  

If you're assigned to a review by someone else, you'll receive a notification via Confluence workbox notifications and, usually, an email depending on Space Tools notification settings.

Approval roles

If the optional approval role feature is enabled, you can record the roles that your approvers are performing. Either select from previous roles defined in the space or fill in the text box.

Users with an assigned approval role will see this in the Workflows Dialog Pop-up as a purple lozenge.

The approval role is recorded in the Page Activity report.

Submitting reviews

If the Approve and Reject buttons are enabled, you can submit a review.

You can add a comment before submitting your review. This will be sent to other participants via notifications. It will also be tracked in the Activity Report. The comment is submitted when you click on either the Approve or Reject button.

If you are the only reviewer then the workflow will instantly transition to the next state. However, in many cases the review will be configured to require two or more people in which case all reviewers have to agree to either Approve or Reject the content prior to a transition occurring. During this period, each reviewer can change their vote.

Credentials check

Depending on workflow configuration, you might be required to confirm your identity by entering your password and sometimes also your username.

If you see this screen, please ensure that your browser has a secure connection to the server (padlock in the URL bar) before entering your details.

Working with reviews

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