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Comala Workflows adds several new filters to Confluence search, allowing you to quickly locate workflow-managed content.

This feature requires Confluence 5.8 or above.

Adding filters

Navigate to the Confluence search page by typing something in the search box at the top of the page, then hit the Enter key.

Look for the Add a filter link in the sidebar and click it:

Type in "workflow" and you'll see a list of all workflow-related filters. You can add as many filters as you want.


Here's an example of several filters in use:

Those filters would have the following effect:

Workflow Approver is (Dave Gee or Emma Rush)


Workflow Approval Assignee is Emmet Paris


Workflow State is Approved


Workflow State Change was on Any date

Available filters

The following workflow-related search fields are available if you are using Confluence 5.9 or above:
Filter NameCQL FieldTypeNotesVer
Has WorkflowawphasworkflowTEXT

Filter to content which has a workflow applied

Use true as the text value.

Workflow Approval AssigneeapprovalassigneeUSER

Filter by assigned reviewer

See also: Assigning reviewers

Workflow ApproverapproverUSER

Filter by user who approved content during a review

See also: Content reviews

Workflow StatestateTEXTFilter by current workflow State4.10+
Workflow State ChangestatechangeDATEFilter by date of last workflow state Transition4.11+
Workflow State ExpirystateexpiryDATE

Filter by current workflow state Expiry Date

See also: State expiry date

Workflow Task AssigneetaskassigneeUSER

Filter by workflow Task assignee

See also: Assign a task

Workflow NameworkflownameTEXT

Filter by workflow name


Read Confirmation Status


Filter by the read confirmation status.

Possible values: pending, acknowledge, overdue


These fields can be used in Confluence Search, any macros that support CQL and the CQL REST API.

Search results

The Confluence search only indexes the latest versions of content, so the search results will always show the latest version regardless of workflow state.

If you are using Same-space publishing, which distinguishes between "Published" and "Draft" versions of content, the search results will continue to show the latest version, but content excerpts will be removed if that version is not published. This will happen regardless of whether you use the workflow search filters or not. If this is a problem, use Different-space publishing or Remote-space publishing instead.

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