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Screen Location: Confluence Administration → Workflows section → Configuration


This screen is used to set Global configuration options.


Note: Some of these settings can be overridden at Space Level, on a space-by-space basis – see: Configuration - Space Tools




Workflow Activity and Drafts Visibility

Who can see workflow activity and unpublished drafts?

See also:

Space Administrators and Page Editors

Recommended for most use cases.

Unpublished drafts and activity reports will not be visible to users who would otherwise normally be able to view the content.


Anyone who could normally view the content will be able to view drafts and activity reports. They will also be able to take part in Content reviews (v4.6+).

Default Tasks Mode

Who can complete tasks?

See also:

StrictOnly the task assignee or task creator.

Recommended for most use cases.

Any user who can edit the page/blog.

State's Task Behaviour

What happens to incomplete tasks from the current state if the workflow transitions to a new state?

See also:

If the page state changes, open tasks will be closed

Incomplete tasks will be closed.

If the page state changes, open tasks will be moved to new state

Recommended for most use cases.

Incomplete tasks will be copied to the new workflow state.

Default Approval Workflow

List of workflowsThis option has been removed from versions 5+. 

Prior to version 5, when clicking the workflows button on a page without a workflow, there was an option to add an "approval", which added whatever global workflow set as the default approval workflow to the page.

Approval Comment

Mandate reviewer comment when Approving or Rejecting content?

See also:


Recommended for most use cases.

Comment is optional.

RequiredA comment must be added during content reviews.

Page Update Reset Approval

If an approval (content review) is in progress, what effect does editing the content have?

See also:

ResetAny existing Approve/Reject decisions will be reset.
IgnoreExisting Approve/Reject decisions will be retained.

Published View Macro Transform

Which version of content should the {include} and {excerpt-include} macros show?

See also:


Recommended in most use cases.

Use published version if available, otherwise use latest version regardless of workflow state.

DisabledShow latest version, regardless of workflow state.

User Onboarding

CheckboxWhen enabled introductory information and tips will be shown to new users: User Onboarding

Send Usage Statistics

CheckboxWhen enabled, anonymous usage statistics will be sent to Comalatech to help improve the product.



Space Workflows

Which spaces can use Space Mode?

List of spacekey

A list of comma-separated space keys

Leave empty for no spaces, or specify ANY to indicate all spaces

Page Workflows

Which spaces can use Page Mode?

List of spacekey

A list of comma-separated space keys

Leave empty for no spaces, or specify ANY to indicate all spaces

Workflow Importer Group

Space admins in the specified group are allowed to import workflows.

See also:

User group

Set as confluence-users to allow all space admins to import workflows.

Note: After a workflow is imported, it can be used just like any other workflow; the restriction only applies to the action of importing, not subsequent use.

(warning) Make sure you enter a valid user group name.

Email Any Address

Which email addresses can be used in the {send-email} macro?

See also:


Recommended in most use cases.

Only email addresses associated with a registered user account

EnableAny email address can be used

Loop Watchdog

These settings are used to detect infinite loops and terminate any offending workflows. It's recommended to leave the default values.

Likely causes of infinite loops include:


Maximum Events

If this amount of events is exceeded on a single page by a single user, the threshold timer will start (see below).

NumberDefault: 20

Time Threshold (seconds)

If Maximum Events is exceeded for this amount of time, it will be treated as an infinite loop and the process will be terminatd.

NumberDefault: 20